Label Studio is an open-source data labeling platform. It supports multiple data and annotation modalities and can be used to add human feedback to model responses, label data for LLM fine-tuning or model training, and more.

Openlayer integrates with Label Studio and allows you to export data from an Openlayer inference pipeline to a Label Studio project.

We are actively working on deeper integrations between Openlayer and Label Studio to keep the data in both places in sync.

In the future, as you stream data to Openlayer, it will also be sent to Label Studio. Then, when you annotate the data on Label Studio, it will get updated on Openlayer as well.

Export data from Openlayer

First, export your data from your Openlayer inference pipeline.

In both cases, you end up with a dataset.json file with your inference pipeline data. The dataset.json is in a format accepted by Label Studio.

Import data into Label Studio

To import this data via the Label Studio UI, navigate to your Label Studio project. Click “Import” and then “Upload files”. Select the dataset.json file exported from Openlayer.

Now, the data is in Label Studio and you can configure how you want to annotate it.