Openlayer is a testing tool that fits into your development and production pipelines to help you ship high-quality models with confidence.


Ready to get started with a sample project?

Head straight to the Quickstart.

Want to onboard your own models and datasets?

Check out our How to create projects guide. Alternatively, all the notebooks from our examples gallery can be easily edited to upload your own models and datasets.

How the documentation is organized

To make sure you find everything you need, this is how the documentation is structured:

  • Tutorials guide you through a small project that introduces the most important aspects of the platform. This is the place to start if it is your first time here.
  • How-to guides present recipes for common flows.
  • Topic guides clarify particular topics from a higher level. These guides are understanding-oriented and convey how to think with Openlayer.
  • The API reference has the technical description of our client API and shows how to operate it.