Prerequisite: you need an Openlayer account to follow this guide.

First, log into your Openlayer account.

You can create a new project by clicking the “plus button” next to “Projects” on the sidebar.

You can create a project from a Git repo or from scratch.

Start from a Git repo

Starting from a Git repo is particularly convenient if you are interested in the development mode using the Git integration, as explained here.

After connecting to your Git account and selecting the Git repo to connect to, you must provide the following information:

  • Project name: name of the project, which must be unique within your workspace. It defaults to the Git repo name.
  • Project type: the AI/ML task type for the project. Currently, it must be one of LLM, Tabular classification, Tabular regression, or Text classification. The project type affects the tests available.
  • Git repo and branch: the branch of the Git repo being connected. Pushes to this branch will also get pushed to the Openlayer platform, if development mode is correctly configured.
  • Root directory: the directory within the Git repo that will get pushed to Openlayer. This should be the directory with Openlayer’s configurations (such as the openlayer.json) and your AI/ML artifacts.
  • Project mode: whether to start with development or monitoring mode. Both modes coexist, so this only influences where you get started.

Start from scratch

If you are not interested in starting by connecting to a Git repo, you can start from scratch. In this case, you are only asked to choose a project name, a project type, and the project mode to start with.